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(A.)- “The Ribbon Around the BombMexican (1913-2005)

Had Polio as a child and was in a major bus accident when she was 18.

Married a famous artist who had an affair with her sister and was a member of the Communist Party.

First ever Mexican artist with a painting purchased by the Louvre.

Spent her only solo exhibition in a bed in the gallery after arriving by ambulance.

She served as an icon of both the Chicanos and LGBTQ+ movements.


(B.)- Lady O(as a kid “Sack Girl”) American (1954-Present) real name is Orpah (bible book of Ruth)

Born to an unmarried teenage mother who later died from cocaine addiction.

Gave birth to a premature son at 14 who passed shortly after.

Molested at the age of 9 by her cousin, and sexually assaulted by her uncle at 13.

Worked as a teen a grocery store where she wasn’t allowed to speak to white customers.

Voted most popular girl in her high school and dropped out of college to become Miss Black Tennessee in 1971.

Has the longest running show and is the first woman to own and produce it.

First African American female billionaire and smoked crack in her 20’s.

Academy Award nominee and first African American to receive the Cecil B Demille Award, at the Golden Globes.

Has her own magazine, 15 Emmy Awards, and has written numerous New York Times best sellers.


(C.)- People’s Princess

United Kingdom (1961-1997)

Represented the Queens affairs and had a real life wicked step-mother(Countess of Dartmouth)

Her first husband dated her older sister and she had multiple extramarital affairs.

Patron of the British Red Cross, Natural History Museum, and was the president of both the Great Ormond ST. Hospital for children and the Royal Academies for Music.

Martin Luther King(NAACP) award, Pres. Medal of Freedom, and Congressional Gold Medal.

Her charities included aids patients, land mine clearing, cancer, and mental illness.

Died in a car crash fleeing the paparazzi.


(D.)- Minty or Moses

American (1820-1913)

Birth name was Armanita Ross(mother was named Harriet)

Brain injury as a child that caused lifelong headaches, seizures, and a constant buzzing sound.

Volunteered as a nurse for the Union Army in the Civil War as a spy.

First woman to lead a battle in S. Carolina.

Died of Pneumonia in NY with military honors and was supposed to replace the Pres. on the $20 bill.

Freed countless numbers of slaves using the underground railroad.


(E.)- “Maid of  New Orleans” French (1412-1431)

Born to a peasant family

Had visions sent from an arc angel that France should be separated from England

Burned at the stake after being captured.

Becomes one of only nine secondary saints of France.

Focuses on using a sword and leading men in to battle.


(F.)- “ Naomi Parker Fraley”(British version was Ruby Loftus) American (1942)

She was a cultural icon in WW2.

She originated in a song by The Four Vagabonds and brought to life by J. Howard Miller.

She inspired a social movement that increased women in the workforce from 12 to 20 million.

She embodied an infectious pride in completing work and inspiring patriotism.

Symbol of feminism and women’s economic advantage.


(G.)- “Lady With the Lamp” British (1820-1910)

Spoke 6 languages and refused multiple marriage proposals.

Wrote letters home for dying soldiers during the Crimean War.

Focused on hygiene and sanitation in hospitals.


(H.)- Saint of CalcuttaMacedonian (1910-1997)

Founded Missionaries of Charity in 133 countries

Dedicated her life to religion at age 12.

Read religious scripture to ding patients without prejudice of their faith.

Fluent in Bengali, Albanian, Serbian, English, and Hindi

Focused on helping the orphans, soup kitchens and people with HIV, Leprosy, and Tuberculosis.


(I.) “Forever First” American (1964-present)

Studied intellectual property at Princeton and Harvard.

2018 and 2019 most admired woman in America.

Written 7 books and winner of a Grammy Award.

Focuses on improving obesity and nutrition in children.


(J.)- name means “glory of the father-Greek, born in Egypt (69 B.C. -30 B.C.)

Famous for her walk.

Born to parents that were brother and sister and married both of her younger brothers.

Involved in killing both of the brothers she married and executed her rival sister.

She had 4 children with emperor Mark Antony and 1 with Julius Caesar.

Spoke Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopian, Syrian, Median, Parthian, Latin, and Greek.


(K.)- (real name- Sklodowska)Polish (1867-1934)

Discovered the two elements Polonium and Radium before helping invent the x-ray..

Only woman to win two Noble Prizes in Physics and Chemistry

Her daughter Joliot wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

In WW1, X-rays get the nickname “little curries”


(L.) “America’s Favorite Redhead” American (1911-1989)

Never graduated high school and went on to study drama.

She was already 40 by the time she made her first TV appearance.

Became the first interracial couple on a television series.

First woman to run a major Hollywood studio(Paramount).

Was a registered member of the communist party.


(M.)- Lady LindyAmerican (1897-1937)

Studied medicine at Columbia University

Was a faculty member at Purdue University in Aeronautical Engineering.

Her first plane was named “Canary”.

First person to pilot across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Broke records for speed, distance, and altitude(14,000 ft.).

Was the 16th woman ever to have her pilot’s license.

Awarded the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross.


(N.)- Mother of the Civil Rights Movement” American (1913-2005)

Helped to end racial segregation in Alabama.

When she was a child they wouldn’t let her ride the bus to school because she wasn’t white.

She sued the singer Outkast for using her name in a song.

Martin Luther King(NAACP) award, Pres. Medal of Freedom, and Congressional Gold Medal.

She served on the Board of planned parenthood.


(O.)- NotoriousAmerican (1933-Present)

Her sister and mother both passed away before she entered high school.

Studied at Cornell, Harvard, and was first in her class at Columbia.

First Supreme Court Justice to officiate a same sex marriage.

Wrote a New York Times best seller.

Appointed to the Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1993.

Focused on gender equality and women’s rights.


(1964) “The Problem We All Live With” by artist Norman Rockwell is an iconic image of the civil rights movement.It depicts the story of Ruby Ridges and the battle to desegregate public schools in a southern racist community.

2017 Women’s march poster design by artist Shepard Fairey


“Fight for the things you care about…Do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” –Ruth Bader Ginsberg


(K) Curie, (C) Di, (H) Theresa, (L) Ball, (O) Ginsberg, (E)Arc, (G) Nightingale, (I) Obama, (N) Parks, (M) Earhart, (A) Khalo, (B) Winfrey, (D) Tubman, (F) Rosie, (J) Cleopatra


This listing is for one digital reproduction. The original painting is acrylic on wood panel.

Printed on high quality archival photographic luster paper. 

Prints are hand signed in black ink.

Print includes approximately 2” white border.

Standard size for framing.


Colors may vary only slightly in terms of brightness & contrast due to customer monitor variations. 

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